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Griddled Flatbreads

My first challenge completed for 2013 is for griddled flatbreads. These can be served straight off the grill or kept until cool.

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This recipe for Baumkuchen has been adapted from a Victorian Sponge recipe I found in James Martin's recipe book. It is time consuming but worth the effort.

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Tangzhong Bread

Following the challenge, my tangzhong only weighed and I needed for the recipe, plus extra for glazing. Despite that, my Tangzhong Bread worked.

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Béchamel Sauce | White Sauce

Béchamel Sauce is most commonly known as a white sauce, which is a classic basic sauce. It is widely used, particularly for egg, vegetable and gratin dishes

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Arancini Di Carne | Rice Balls With Meat

This recipe for Arancini Di Carne is adapted from Giorgio Locatelli and results in a crunchy exterior and soft rice bite with a flavour burst centre.

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Crab Pasta

As we do not get fresh crab where we live I had to make do with tinned cran to make this delicious crab pasta dish.

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Pork Patties

I have used pork as my basis for the Pork Patties, and as I am all about healthy eating at the moment, I made smaller ones than I usually do.

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Chicken and Mushroom Pasta

This recipe for Chicken And Mushroom Pasta is to continue with the Tandy Tuesday theme of a pasta dish on a Tuesday.

Orange Berry Muffins

Recipe For Orange Berry Muffins - Lavender and Lime