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+ DAILY WRITER POSITIVITY +  #072 Someone out there is going to go through hell, and only your book will help them.  Want more writerly content? Follow maxkirin.tumblr.com!
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maxkirin: “♥︎ Daily Writer Positivity ♥︎ “#269 Forcing a ‘theme’ on you story tends to feel heavy-handed. Instead finish the story first and THEN examine the narrative to find the story’s unique...
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+ DAILY WRITER POSITIVITY +  #050 Stop beating yourself up over all the days you didn’t work on your story. Focus on what you can do today. Sit down, and write.  Want more writerly content? Follow maxkirin.tumblr.com!
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the character could be written to have a learning disability (scatter brained can be a symptom of certain learning disabilities)
Writing problems #70  Imagining characters like they are alive.