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Price: R 24.50

Mint to Be Bride and Groom Slide Mint Tins with Heart Mints are perfect wedding favors where you are gifting the couples a favor which will be memorable one for them. These bride mint tins are illustrated.

"A Slice of Love" Pizza Cutter Wedding Favour    R 35.00

A Slice of Love Stainless - Steel Pizza Cutter in Miniature Pizza Box - Give a gift that is useful yet unique! On the white, protective, plastic grip of A Slice of Love Stainless-Steel Pizza .

for my daddy :)

This will be the handkerchief that I give to my father as a gift for my wedding day. I will change the word "Dad." It will say "Daddy" instead, and the writing on the handkerchief will say "Today a bride, tomorrow a wife, forever your little girl.