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As you read the distinct stories of kids in the divers countries of Africa, have your students/kids map them. "Africa is NOT a Country" by Margy Burns Knight and Anne Sibley O'Brien.

Map the Book: "Africa is NOT a Country"

Using children's book "Africa is not a Country," kids participate in a mapping activity and learn about the distinctions of culture in an immense continent.

Afrika Burn in Tankwa, South Africa is the Burning man of Africa! It looks like so much fun!

An alien druid on stilts, a cosmic butterfly and mutant vehicles galore... welcome to the annual Afrika Burn festival

The annual creative event in the Karoo desert, South Africa, saw 5,000 revellers build, sing, dance, cook or play anything which took their fancy, building on this year's theme of 'Mirage'.

Taken at Afrika Burn April 2012, Tankwa Karroo, South Africa

Taken at Afrika Burn April 2012, Tankwa Karroo, South Africa

AfrikaBurn by Africa_Geographic, via Flickr

Burning Man meets the Karoo at Afrika Burn - Africa Geographic

Imagine a temporary town of thousands of people, with dance floors, themed camps and mutant vehicles. Only this town is in the middle of the desert, with no money and a community of people devoted entirely to radical self expression. Friends of mine have returned from Afrika Burn utterly speechless – ‘mind-blowing’, ‘life-changing’, ‘self-altering’ – …

Stu Shapiro at Africa Burn 2012

Stu Shapiro at Africa Burn 2012

Dressing like a red Indian to Africa Burn

The Ragged Priest

As the UK climate doesn't quite allow for sunny beach surfs and lazy night skates, a couple of us at Ragged HQ are going to try our hand at snowboarding (we will keep you posted on any bruises, injuries and loss of limbs). So for the meantime we are obsessed with boards of any shape or size...