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an orangutan and its baby are playing in the water with each other
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sweet moment
a baby oranguel standing on its hind legs and holding it's paws
ZooNews Digest
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two young oranguels are laying on the ground
LOOK: These Adorable Baby Orangutans Will Help You Celebrate World Orangutan Day
~ Too CUTE for Words -- Rescued Orangutans
an orangutan sitting on top of a wooden table with its eyes closed
great apes: orang utans
a monkey holding an umbrella on top of it's head
15 Photographs That Will Open Your Eyes To The Wonders Of The World
a baby monkey sitting on top of a towel eating something in it's mouth
Baby orangutan rescued from chicken coop is on road to recovery
Recovery: Budi is trying new foods but hasn't learned how to chew. A baby orangutan finally has the strength to sit up and feed himself fruit after being caged in a chicken coop and fed only condensed milk for most of his short life. Tiny Budi stole hearts around the world when his horrific story of neglect at the hands of his owner was revealed by MailOnline. Make a donation at International Animal Rescue!
an orangutan holding onto a leaf with its mouth wide open and hands in the air
moment tiny baby orangutan gently bites his mother's nose
a baby oranguel hanging from a tree in the forest with it's front legs stretched out
Hello Friday!? :) by Olga Gladysheva / 500px
Oh Mommy!!! ♥♥♥♥♥♥
a baby oranguel sitting on top of a white table next to a black and white striped towel
National Geographic Your Shot
Borneo Orangutan Photo by wiwik astutik
three monkeys hugging each other in front of a heart with the caption, hospitally hearts for a special kind of imagition that concentrates on how another creature might be feeling
Three baby orangutans from Sepilok Orangutan Rehab Center in Borneo Indonesia
an orangutan holding its baby in it's arms
a baby orangutan is being held by someone in front of a mirror
Best Vegetable - Recipes.net
Monkey Bath
an adult oranguel holding the back of a baby
bad hair day? no, awesome hair day!
an adult oranguel holding a baby on its back
Orangutan mom & her twins
an oranguel monkey hanging from a rope
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What are you looking at?! LOOK into MY EYES!! by sergei gladyshev on 500px