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i just really want to have this on my account somewhere


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This encapsulates why I hate when people say they wish people wouldn't come out and would just say when they love someone. Well then bi people would never be acknowledged as existing because our identity would be assumed based on who we're with and ignored if we're single.
Bi Visibility Day, which falls on September 23rd each year, is a great day to be super duper proud of being you. | We Asked People Why They're Proud To Be Bisexual And The Responses Are Perfect
Still single


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Dion York


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Thomas Sanders, one of my favourite people in the world and I don't even know him personally.
That may be because they're relationships are banned in 29 countries, so on seeing another LGBTQ+ person they get excited.
I need an app that is like gay-dar because I always confuse mine with I-wish-you-were-gay-dar


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Be yourself! Live bright! LGBT lives forever! - Decorate your walls with the self-empowering wisdom of Theodore Geisel (aka Dr. Seuss) with this simple yet powerful statement in easy-to-apply vinyl wall lettering. This affirmation of individualism applies easily to walls, glass, tile, and more. $34.99
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Lgbt quotes.

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Nothing Really Matters
Gay Pride Peace sign adult unisex hoodie, crewneck,campfire shirt,gay pride sweater, gay pride hoodie, gay pride apparel,LGBTQ hoodie CT-491 by LifeStyleTees on Etsy
I am bi, and proud, how about you? Let’s dating bisexual and enjoy the bisexual life!

Lgbt clothes.

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Forever and always #Lesbian #LGBT #LOVE #Friendship #Inspiration #Queer #Motivation #LGBTQ #Pride #Quote


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LOVE LOVE LOVE!! So cute and fun =) Awesome LGBT Pride manicure uploaded by @Michelle Silva

Lgbt cute.

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... Ftm Quotes, Ftm Lgbtq, Trans
It's not hard to explain.


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My business...and you're welcome to stay out of it.
Latin //vi-rah-goh// virago
Stop labeling. no name calling - including yourself. period. Be an encourager of other women and yourself. Stop focusing only on external things.


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#inspiredtraveller #travel
Whisper App's photo.
This actually happened once before he moved:) it was embarrassing for 1 sec until he replied then when he got to my house we cuddled on the couch and watch movies<3 I love you Colton


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Non binary.

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People misunderstand so much about sexuality and gender identity. I don't identify as asexual, but it's important for people to learn about these concepts.


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#demisexuality #demisexual #grey


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FCKH8: Ellen
Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka show off their newborn twins in People (January 10, 2011).
Neil Patrick Harris Cute Family Instagram Pictures | POPSUGAR Celebrity


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I break down every night and cry because of all the stress they put on me, on top of everything else.
And they fight all the time
Social Phobia and Social Anxiety Disorder - Mental Illness - Mental Health

Social anxiety.

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a woman is making funny faces with her hand
i just really want to have this on my account somewhere
four different images of a man with his eyes closed and the caption's above him
Thomas Sanders, one of my favourite people in the world and I don't even know him personally.
two people sitting on a bench and one is reading a book while the other looks at something
a woman sitting on top of a white bench next to a man with his arms around her
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I will always come back to you and you'll always come back to me OMG this is our face movie
two people holding hands with the words because a girl like you is impossible to find
I love you mi reina
Yes she's all mine. And I'm so lucky <3 London I Love Her Quotes
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Yes she's all mine. And I'm so lucky <3 London
two women kissing each other with the words i will never forget for get the moment when i
The very moment I found out that you were in the hospital and my heart stopped and all I could think was 'what if I never ever get to talk to her again. What if we waited too long and lost our chance?' That was the moment I realized that I LOVE you @Jo
a map with the words i wanna travel the world with you to every country, every art take pictures and be happy
Cherry on top
#inspiredtraveller #travel
Showing that you love her IN PUBLIC Thank You For Loving Me, Girlfriend Goals, Hold Hands
Bisexual Club - Meet Bisexuals Online -
Showing that you love her IN PUBLIC
two beautiful women hugging each other with the words love is seeing her smile above them
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I fall so hard all over when I see my baby girl smile at me