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Kurt Hummel | Glee 5x20
He loves him... :) Step back rachel,sebastian and tina jk sebastian can die!!!!!
totally something Chris would say!


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Blaine, Puppet Master episode.
Drunk or no, Blaine in Kurt's bed is what I am here for.


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Bedroom eyes. CHECK.
whimsical-wonder: Our memories… well, they can be inviting…


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The "Glee" Cast Gets Their Archie Makeover - Finn
❤️CM ❤️Purple❤️Take That
The last words he said to Lea were "If you say so" #2YearsWithoutCory


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I love burt and kurt scenes
Kurt & Burt best father son relationship!
Burt is the most underappreciated character on the whole show. I love the Kurt and Burt scenes.

Kurt and Burt.

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I cried so much
Heart is broken. Tears everywhere. Finn and Rachel Forever. #finchel #glee
Image result for finn glee quote the show must go all over the place or something

Glee scenes.

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Me if I was famous (unlikely but let's just imagine)
We've got brand new "behind the scenes" pics of Chris Colfer and Darren Criss on Glee!
this so so so much

Chris colfer.

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Kurt and Rachel.

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Lol Darren trying to be tall
Glee’s Kurt and Blaine Ice Skate In NYC for Christmas — Is It a Date? (PHOTOS)
Chris, Darren from bts of tonight´s episode!

Chris and Darren.

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They're just so cute
I just died a little inside!
Omf this is adorable

Glee fanart.

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The Hurt Locker, Part One (Episode 6.4)

Kurt and sue.

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Glee | Finn & Kurt
Glee A good lesson to learn be yourself don't let others define you Kurt always has been himself

Kurt and finn.

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Darren's mother is from Cebu in the Philippines, and has Filipino, Chinese, and Spanish ancestry. Darren's father is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has English, and some German and Northern Irish,
"why do you love darren criss"
Dear Santa, I want him for Christmas! :)

Darren criss.

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Glee. Is it safe to say I miss this show

Rachel and puck.

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Finn and sam.

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I don't know what the person who created this was trying to say, but I agree that this was the best TV moment ever!
You know you're a Gleek when...
things only gleeks would understand Gleek(s) Trolling

You know you're a gleek when.

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Darren Criss (not only the actor from glee but also Harry Potter in the AVPM series), Melissa Benoist, and Grant Gustin
Totally me . . #glee #gleek
Image result for kurt coblaine

Glee memes..

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Darren Criss Chris Colfer CrissColfer
Chris Colfer & Lea Michelle filming ("Glee")
Chris Colfer and Lea Michele

Chris and lea.

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Hahaha so funny!! Xoxo   RT @gleefulstyIes: @MsAmberPRiley you and @chriscolfer are the cutest

Chris and amber.

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makes me tear up because its true, :'( R.I.P. Cory
♥. Season 1, Episode 2 - Finchel's first kiss!!!!!
One of the few times during season four that I actually laughed out loud.

Finn and Rachel.

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Glee Credits
Love is love #LoveWins


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i don't even watch the show anymore because I can't do it without him but this breaks my heart.
Lea as Rachel Berry
Lea Michele Discussing Final Season From Set Of GLEE S6


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This is funny because in the hurt locker Sue locks Klaine in a fake elevator
Ooh I knew that one

Glee facts.

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Rachel and Brittany.

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4 gifs, go to tumblr post
Agron played cheerleader Quinn Fabray for four seasons on Glee she is so pretty Finn and her r so cute !!!


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