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Grumpy Elsa
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No no no... - Grumpy Cat

Disney funny.

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#✯Must go!#Best place# Disneyland Secret - DONE
I LOVE when Disney puts these random little things in movies =] but i dont see donald i only see mickey and goofy
If you are in the park this summer and have seen the wonderful nightime spectacular that is Fantasmic, then here’s a great way to get a behind the scenes look! The cast of Fantasmic uses Tom Sawyer’s...

Disney facts.

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Disney Collection Princesse Miroirs
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Beauty and the beast.

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Frozen-- I think if I draw this for Jade, she'll love it, it could be a good way to teach her to draw from looking at other drawings.
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disney quotes alice in wonderland - Google Search
Chibi Alice by *Jennifairyw on deviantART

Alice in wonderland.

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Although you're not mine, yet, I still have you.. & that's the best feeling in the whole world.
"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That's why we call it the present." - Winnie the Pooh…

Winnie the Pooh.

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Chibi Mike Wazowski by Jennifairyw.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Monsters inc.

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Chibi Stitch by Jennifairyw.deviantart.com
Chibi Lilo by *Jennifairyw on deviantART

Lilo and stitch.

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Chibi Commission Maleficent by Exceru-Hensggott on deviantART


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Descubra e compartilhe as mais belas imagens de todo o mundo


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Así lucirían las princesas de Disney si fueran personajes de anime

The little mermaid.

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by @taranicoledessine on tumblr
Who else finds it absolutely amazing that Rapunzel uses a frying pan as a weapon? *raises hands* This animation never fails to make me happy! The way they animated her hair!! I do try to avoid to watch it with my sister as she always says I'm all the main characters. She starts with Rapunzel and I’m cool with that, because she’s awesome. My hairdresser used to call Rapunzel as well as my hair was way longer than it is now. But alas, the sister doesn’t stop there. Every time Pascal...


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Beautiful Giselle artwork by pernille31
Resultado de imagem para giselle em anime


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Never be discouraged.
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Aurora con vestido azul Autor: Mariana Avila | Disney Memo ...
Aurora - Bela Adormecida

Sleeping beauty.

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Top Disney Quotes That Will Uplift You
disney anime princess Cinderella


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Anime, Tinkerbell.


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Big hero 6.

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Get your meme on!
Merida--I love this so much because thats actually how crazy-curly hair looks wet, and it just love that the animators took the time to do that!
Así lucirían las princesas de Disney si fueran personajes de anime


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Princess Tiana Quote 2

The princess and the frog.

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Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs:)
Your Favorite Disney Princesses Reimagined As Stunning Anime Vixens

Snow White.

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Walt Disney.

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