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Talya Pretorius
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I thought I had found that but I wrong. He had no idea, soul mates lol what a joke.

See Parmer this is what I intend to do

Why do men often argue with me on Atlanta dating app that the big bang theory is false?

He could be squeezing me, but I'm not comfy unless my legs are all over him, but he loves it!

I could have every single inch of your body pressed tight against mine and I'd still say "pull me closer".

Cute Baby Animals by Ayuna

Oh my- this is the winner of vomity cuteness so far. My head is going to explode. <<Smol animals are Smol.

I think maybe I need a guinea pig...@aubreylay, maybe we both need guinea pigs. And then we can do photo shoots together with our guinea pigs. I think I'll name mine Gwendolyn...

Viral pictures of the day: Having a bad day? These floofs will help you cheer up!My mom would LOVE these!


rhinoceros beetle and frog

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Cuteness Overload: Best Cats, Dogs and Cute Animals. — This picture makes me so happy! Big eyes, do those big eyes!