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sheet music notations are arranged on top of each other
Major Key and Key-signature in Treble and Bass Clef
Key Signature Flashcards. You can print double-sided (front with Key-signature, and back with the answer of the key). Or you can print in one-sided and get your student to match the key with the right key-signature. This flash card may be used with any beginning music theory course. With this card, you can create lots of fun game with the student. Enjoy! Total page: 10 pages Fourteen keys for each clef (Treble and Bass clef): 1. C major 2. G major 3. D major 4. A major 5. E major 6. B major 7. F
an image of music notes with the words exercise me, tell me how you expect me to use finger six
29 classical music memes that will make you chuckle