Talita Seegers

Talita Seegers

Talita Seegers
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Easy DIY Vegan Hair Mask

This is a simple DIY vegan hair mask that you can slap together in 5 minutes for a lovely hair treatment.

My Natural Facial Moisturiser

As mentioned before, I have a very dry skin and have therefore used a very nourishing day cream, night cream and eye cream for years. When I decided to go all hippy with my cosmetics, I was terrif…

Natural Shaving Cream

) Yip – the whipped coconut oil that I use as a foot moisturiser makes a fantastic shaving cream too. Wet your legs, rub a blob of whipped coconut oil over your legs (or wher…

Homemade Body oil for stretch mark prevention

This is a recipe I came up with as a replacement for my anti-stretchmark oil. It can be modified to incorporate any oils you like – this was my first batch and I love it:) Ingredients 3 tabl…

DIY Coconut Foot Moisturiser

Initially I tried using it as a moisturiser for my whole body (except my face), but I have a very dry skin and the coconut oil alone doesn…

Deconstructed California Roll Recipe | RECIPE CORNER

Your favorite sushi comes unrolled in this super simple mason jar recipe. Layers of seaweed, rice, crab, cucumber, and avocado create a magnificent salad that costs a fraction of what you would pay at a restaurant.