Madalene Le Roux

Madalene Le Roux

Madalene Le Roux
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I think I'd like to do this with shells and pebbles from the beach

I could make something like this for our patio with all the pretty beach pebbles I've been collecting! -Original pebble/rock art depicting a string of flowers (all natural materials including reclaimed wood, pebbles, twigs)

pebbles. Not an altar or shrine, but what a meditative display.

Did this on a slate slab we have beneath the old spruces, all from Georgian Bay, in the front yard! (The 'hood kids eventually dismantle it; It attracts attention!

Seeing cairns always reminds me to stop, breathe, and live in the moment.

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Ashbee Design uses PVC to organize garden tools.

This is a cool storage idea by Ashbee Design it uses PVC to organize garden tools.this would be an easy DIY project for and garden shed or garage.