Dotty Stories by Bestree Art Designs, $30.

Dotty Stories Wall Clock by Bestree Art Designs

Blue Wall by Fernando Vieira, $30.

Blue Wall Wall Clock by Fernando Vieira

Nature by Dardanlmeri, $30.

Nature by Dardanlmeri, $30.

Minimal #43 by Liall Linz, $30.

Minimal #43 by Liall Linz, $30.

Turtle, meet frog.  Frog, meet turtle, $30.

Turtle, Meet Frog. Frog, Meet Turtle. Wall Clock

Wall Clock by Sand Salt Moon

Jungle wall clock by Demi Goutte; $30.

Jungle Wall Clock by Demi Goutte

For the 'space-lover', a stunning clock, only $24 at the moment!

Visiting Outer Space(version Wall Clock by Tammy Kushnir  $30

Two Figures By A Sandbank Wall Clock $30  $30 $30 $30

Red Magic Rings Wall Clock by Heidi Capitaine

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