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a man sitting at a table next to a model of a house made out of sticks
an aerial view of a park with benches and trees
Triumph Pavilion 2014
Triumph Pavilion 2014 | IPT Architects
a person sitting on a bench under a wooden structure in the middle of a courtyard
Gridshell Toledo
three different views of an open air pavilion
Swirling Cloud: Bulletin Pavilion for BJFU Garden Festival | SUP Atelier
Designed by SUP Atelier, Located in a grove in the campus of BJFU, the “pavilion of clouds” is a bamboo structure built for 2018 “Bamboo Garden Festival”, and the project was commissioned by the faculty of BJFU.
an artist's rendering of several pavilions with trees in the middle and people walking around them
the walkway is lined with trees and plants
Midwest Modern Architecture in Michigan
a drawing of a person standing in the rain
An Old Ink drawing I did of my Jiraiya, my favorite character <3
An Old Ink drawing I did of my Jiraiya, my favorite character <3 : Naruto
a drawing of a building with mountains in the background
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