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How to make a superhero costume. How To Make A Riddler Question Mark Cane - Step 6

Easy Riddler cane to complement your costume . Free tutorial with pictures on how to make a superhero costume in under 120 minutes by Papier-mâchéing and decorating with paint, hot glue gun, and cardboard. Inspired by crafts, batman, and comic books.

13 riddles from the Riddler, can you solve them? Newspaper, glove, hole, Russians, tomorrow.

13 riddles from the Riddler, can you solve them?<<>> answer: newspaper/ embarrassed zebra or penguin answer: a hole answer: a glove answer: late ones answer: tomorrow

Assassin creed [How about, YES!?!?!??!!]

Assassins Creed Cosplay -- Previous pinner said: "i like that this is feminine, but still MUCH closer to the male version of the outfit compared to the extremely skimpy female versions.">>> I want to be an assassin next youmacon!

9 Fun Nail Designs for Winter

This is a good variant of manicure that goes well with your evening dress. It looks tremendous on the middle nails of half square shape. The velvet black sand will be the special appeal of this manicure. You can powder the nail of the ring finger with thi