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"When a man is truly interested in you... He will make YOU a priority." ❤ #love #relationships #dating

When a man is truly interested in you, there will be no need for you to do the pursuing. Men are born to pursue women. Yes, you can pursue a man if yo want to, but in most cases thats just an obvious sign that hes not into you. Its not natural for a man t


I don't think you understood how much I fuckn cared about you but you know what they say, " if you love something set it free" but this situation is different. I let you go because I finally realized that you just don't care about me

Kurt Cobain Kunstdruck bei

The Kurt Cobain Smoking Poster is a dorm supply that's a fun poster for college. Items for college like rock music posters are necessary supplies for college for music and Nirvana lovers. The best dorm posters are cheap posters that are dorm wall decor.