Vegan Lunch Recipes

A board containing delicious recipes that: - Use fructose instead of cane sugar - Use coconut oil instead of butter/margarine - Use lemon juice instead of vinegar - Use unrefined products
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Stuffed Gem Squash with Onions and Corn :

Stuffed Gem Squash with Onions and Corn - Sweetly Radiant

Delicious Vegan Melkkos :

A delicious vegan melkkos recipe with a twist.made with fructose and whole wheat pasta.

Tofu Sour Cream with Chives :

A quick and easy sour cream recipe made with tofu, chives and cashews.

Delicious Oven Roasted Beetroot :

A delicious oven roasted beetroot recipe that is extra yummy with a bit of lemon juice.

Delicious Vegan Haystacks :

This is a delicious vegan haystacks recipe that goes well with your favorite flavor crunchy chips.

Sousboontjies :

A delicious Sousboontjies recipe that can be translated to read: Sweet Sauce Beans recipe.

Sweet Sauce Beans :

A delicious sweet sauce beans recipe more commonly known as Sousboontjies.

Delicious Vegan Tossed Salad :

A delicious vegan tossed salad recipe that only uses raw ingredients. Lemon juice and herbal salt are added for an extra delicious taste.

Healthy Three Bean Salad :

A healthy three bean salad made with green beans, sugar beans and garbanzo beans. Lemon juice and fructose are added for extra tastiness.

Peachy Barley Salad :

A scrumptious Peachy Barley Salad drenched in a peachy fruit juice. A little ginger sting contributes to an irresistible taste.

Vegan Bell Pepper Pizza :

Be prepared to get your hands dirty for this delicious vegan bell pepper pizza.

Irresistible Couscous and Chickpeas Salad :

An irresistible couscous and chickpeas salad recipe containing pineapple for extra flavor.

Green Cabbage Delight :

A healthy cabbage recipe since it's sugar-free and uses unrefined products.

Sweet Oven-Baked Butternut :

A delicious oven-baked butternut recipe glazed in a sweet sauce.

Sugar Bean Sauce :

A lovely sugar bean sauce, with a hint of curry that is extra delicious when served over rice or bulgar wheat.

Vegan Lentil Bobotie :

A delicious bobotie made with whole lentils, pumpkin and coconut milk.