Haha Yes!!!! Jeremiah 32:17 ~ There is nothing too hard for You (Lord, God).

and so true!original: A Scale of One to God - free printable

1 Peter 4:10

Never close the book of your life, God hasn’t finished writing your story. The Holy MotherFather of all will never give up on us.

Perfect!!! LOVE IT!!!! Was so hard for so long to see it this way but now I do & I love that I can be the one happier than happy with my head held high while I watch how patheticly insecure & jealous some are....how childish!!! :-)

It's just too bad it has to be people you are supposed to call family. People don't need that kind of negative influence and stress in their lives.

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Best Bible Studies for Women

A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises, a book by Renee Swope

Digitale collage kuns deur Tinka Paulsen (Afrikoekie)

Digitale collage kuns deur Tinka Paulsen (Afrikoekie)


Afrikaans - translation: "Weather prediction: If the rock moves - there is wind. If the rock is wet - it has rained. If the rock is white - it has snowed. If the rock is not visible - it is night. If the rock is gone - it has been stolen.