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This DIY face serum is super easy to make and benefits all skin types including dry skin, acne prone skin, and especially aging skin. The DIY face serum is super easy to prepare, is all natural, and o (Ingredients Beauty)

Sciatica exercises

Sciatica is a symptom of acute pain in the lower part of the body. Get here some sciatica exercises which can provide quick relief from sciatic nerve pain.


Aromatherapy Healing Essences chart The quickest way to receive healing benefits of essential oils is through inhalation. Provided you've got a high quality oil, since there is no regulation, it can hit you within seconds and give you the boost you need!

herbs table chart pdf

A Poster devoted to Essential Oils for Aromatherapy! Thought I would share this beautiful chart with you all. You can have it printed up as a chart (it’s designed as a by poster).