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The Getup: The Season of Harvest & Thanks - Primer

The Getup: The Season of Harvest & Thanks - Primer [always clean and "safe" style] minus the bag

The Getup: Business Drinks - Primer

+The Getup: Business Drinks // "Drinks with a colleague or client can be hard to dress for: What you wear to the office seems too formal, but you don’t want to come off unprofessional." I just don't like the shoes :/

How to Untangle a Knot

Sprinkle baby powder over the knot, which will help loosen it. Use a pin to pull the remaining part of the knot free

Great Tie Information!

How to select a Tie. Does that striped tie match with a plaid shirt? This guide to colors, patterns, and knots will ensure you're looking good in whatever tie you wear.