The Best South African Koeksister Recipe - From Ladismith in the Klein Karoo

Looking for the perfect koeksister recipe? This one is from Ladismith's koeksister champion - they're crunchy on the outside and syrupy soft on the inside!

Koeksisters... YUMMMMM! Basically a deep-fried dough ball, lagged in honey syrup :)

Mouth watering Koeksister Recipe This recipe is from Bets Miedema who lived in Klipriver and was a master baker, helped out many charities for raising funds and specially baked for her grandchildren, who loved "Beppe's" (Ouma in Dutch) koeksisters.

Traditional South African Koeksisters recipe

This recipe for Koeksisters (cake sisters), or South African donuts, calls for soaking the cakes in a lemony ginger syrup.

Koeksisters (or Koeksusters) come in two cultural flavours. The Afrikaner Koeksister is this recipe, then there is the traditional Cape Malay Koeksuster that is slightly thicker and softer, rolled in coconut and a bit spicy. Personally, I prefer the Afrikaner version but either will do!

Koeksisters the traditional Afrikaner Recipe - South African Magazine