Suzel Pretorius

Suzel Pretorius

Suzel Pretorius
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People who are: willing ignorant, dramatic, making me question their loyalty, only wanting small talk.needing constant attention, trolls, using me, angry, not willing to put their work in our relationship, not willing to admit when wrong, etc.

Mean girls, snobby people, arrogant people, people with entitlement issues, suck ups.

Truth I'm not perfect but I was raised with manners and respect.

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The best apology is changed behavior. THAT STARTS WITH AN APOLOGY!, then you doing something to MAKE UP for all that you did, and keep making a mends for as long as you caused pain and division.

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All of Louise Penny's Inspector Gamache books are great as audio books. Caution: they can become addictive.

Achingly, soul crushingly difficult. Trying to keep perspective, but it's as if my world has been tilted upside-down and backwards.

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