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an owl sitting on the side of a tree trunk
Shy Owl Trying to Blend In
Shy Owl Trying to Blend In and doing a pretty good job of it too!
the top view of a large green plant
Font Luna
the beach is covered in green mossy rocks and under a colorful sky with clouds
South Africa
dew covered spider web in the middle of a plant with drops of water on it
~ ~
I used to see dewy spider webs in my morning commute along the country road. I called them, "Jeweled Deception"
an open window with the view of trees outside and rain coming down on the ground
She watched the rain fall softly on the earth, cleansing, healing, restoring, bringing beauty. And slowly, her heart started to heal too and became whole again.
the full moon is seen over earth in this view from space, with stars above it
Earth horizon. Moon rising in front of the milky way. Beautiful picture of outer space #outer #space
a person riding a bike across a wooden bridge with fog in the sky behind them
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many people are walking on the beach near the water
Ocean Beach, SF
leslie anne gonzales:ocean beach, sf
black and white photograph of two hands holding each other
hands represent you; what you do with them shows who you are
a black and white photo with a quote on it that says, yalan oyele
Spiderweb -
a spider web with drops of dew on it's surface in front of some trees
spider webs
No two webs are ever the same. Even from the same spider.
drops of water on the leaves of a plant
Water droplets #green #nature #leaves
an ant standing in front of a glass ball
Photo (The Absolute Best Photography Posts)
The Ants Dream! by Rakesh Rocky:!-by-rakesh-rocky?utm_medium=pinterest&utm_campaign=nativeshare&utm_content=web&utm_source=500px #Photography #Ant
an open book sitting on top of a rocky beach
Connor Franta
Connor Franta