Puglia, Italy

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people are swimming in the clear blue water near steps leading to an outdoor area that is surrounded by rocky cliffs
Travelogue: Puglia (the Salento) - Hither & Thither
some rocks and water with the words, 12 best beaches in pugila italy
Best beaches in Puglia Italy: A guide to sun, sea & sand | It’s all trip to me
a white city with lots of buildings on top of it and the words ostuni in
16 Best Things to Do in Ostuni Italy, Puglia's White City
the best things to do in lecce, italy
Discover the Best 16 Things To Do In Lecce, Italy
there are many boats docked in the water near buildings and trees with text overlaying them
3 days in Puglia: perfect itinerary
Tried and tested 3 day Puglia itinerary for a perfect road tips in one of Italy's most beautiful regions. Discover the best places to see in Puglia with this 3 day Puglia itinerary for all types of travelers.
an alley way with potted plants and the words, a photo guide to ostini
A Photo Guide to Ostuni, Puglia's White City
an alleyway with potted plants and stairs leading up to the building's entrance
Ostuni, Puglia, Italy - The White City — Adventurous Travels | Adventure Travel | Best Beaches
an alley way with hanging flowers and clothes
Weekend Guide to Puglia: Ostuni and Alberobello - Petite Suitcase
the top ten things to do in ostuna, italy
Why you should visit Ostuni, Puglia
white buildings with text overlay that reads a short guide to ostraia, portugal
A Short Guide To Ostuni, Italy