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Shaune Rotagschnig Wild Flowers at Franschhoek - Makiwa Gallery


Aloe duo Lisl Barry Oil on canvas x x Plant Painting, Painting Flowers, Silk Painting, Sibylla Merian, Africa Painting, Art Beat, South African Artists, Small Paintings, Art Paintings

Fine Artist and Author based in the Klein Karoo, South Africa

Aloe Duo (oil on canvas, 700X500mmX25mm) by Lisl Barry Little Karoo plants

A botanical poster of an aloe by Clinton Friedman Agaves, Impressions Botaniques, Poster Online, Canvas Artwork, Botanical Prints, Natural World, Vintage Flowers, Flower Power, Beautiful Flowers

Clinton Friedman Botanical Prints

I am loving the botanical prints of photographer Clinton Friedman, in which he attempts to log into history and create new purpose for these healing plants that he saved from a black market in Africa and replanted in his yard to bring back to life. Once the plants regain their strength and shape Friedman temporarily extracts them from the earth to capture each of their individual beauty.

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Clinton Friedman Fine Art Classic Botanical Print

Clinton Friedman Fine Art Classic Botanical Print Art