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a blue glass bell with bells attached to it's sides and beads on the bottom
Recycled Blue Wine Bottle Neck Suncatcher
"Recycled blue wine bottle neck is transformed into porch or window hanging art. This piece is ready to hang from the sturdy gold colored metal loop at the top. A wooden bead hangs from a chain inside the bottle and a rustic bell hangs from the bottom. Colorful turquoise and blue beads adorn the bottom edge of the bottle. A swirl of beads hangs in the middle of the bottle. It is unattached and can easily be repositioned (it could even be worn as a bracelet). An antique brass colored sun charm ha
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a bicycle parked in front of a blue building with flowers hanging from the window sill
Maison Bleue
a blue apple with water droplets on it
One Bad Apple
a blue door with a metal latch on it
lock the blues out
blue yarn is shown in this close up photo
Techniques for Dyeing with Woad by Teresinha Roberts
blue coffee beans are shown close up
blue crayons lined up in rows with black and white stripeing on them
robin's egg blue on
a bed with blue comforters and pillows on top of it, in front of a white wall
~ It's a Colorful Life ~
the top of a blue house with white trim and windows against a bright blue sky
The Color Curator