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I miss us. Not you. But us. The way we were together. But it doesn't matter its over now. We were too different people with too different aims in our lives. And really I've just spent way to long wondering what I did wrong. We are not friends, we are not enemy's. We are just strangers with memories.

This is true I miss us and what we use to have but we are two different people. It didn't end the way we intended but it ended the way it was supposed to and I wish you nothing but love and happiness.

beautiful More

beautiful More

Thank you Joe for breaking down the walls and letting your light in...

Yes, I am still very cautious about any man and if I am willing to open my heart to him or not. Very difficult, but cannot take that chance of being hurt as horribly as I was when I was with you.

Ill break them down and save you myself

You push people away and build walls to protect your heart but the problem with that, is that sometimes, you get stuck between them and there is no one left to save you