A collection of windmills are silhouetted by the sun.

Windmill Silhouettes by jmurphpix.j Windmills are much noisier than people realize. When I see this I can hear their sounds in my memory.

Between here and nowhere in the Karoo.

The Karoo landscape lingers forever in your mind. "the place of thirst" as it was described first. My HARTLAND.


A windmill stands hauntingly in the evening light in the Central Karoo. The Central Karoo is a place to unwind and relax and is easily accessible from Cape Town or Johannesburg.

Stephen Inggs - Windpump 1 (2006)  Hand painted silver gelatin emulsion on paper  Image size 120 x 107cm

'Wind Pump', by Stephen Inggs, Hand-coated silver gelatin emulsion on rag paper.