Completely... invisible...

30 Crazy Photographers in action literally giving Photography 'A NEW ANGLE' to get "The Perfect Shot" - Viralomia

Ah... that's too close.

Wedding Fail of the Day: Photographers Join in the Ceremony

It's always a good idea to ask where your professionals, whether photo or video, will be during the ceremony. This is an extreme case of being disruptive but it's food for thought.

Hopefully it's worth the shot

Daredevil photographer proves how far he will go for the perfect shot as his shoes and tripod are set alight by volcano lava flow. Kawika Singson was shooting in the volcanoes of Hawaii, which was so hot his tripod and shoes caught alight.

When you finally get that perfect shot...

Now, she's moved her finger and is holding the cameras the right way.

That's unfortunate...

Funny picture Funny Photographer, have a laugh with many more funny photos and images.

Can't seem to find anything interesting to shoot...

the cutest .and so true! Most of the things I am looking for are right behind me too. Also most of the things i AM NOT looking for are right behind me LOL