Suntoy: Solar Stories

Stories about Suntoy products and how it encourages others to use solar power.
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Spier Secret Dinner with Consol Solar Jars

There's a sense of covert mystery at the Spier Secret Dinner. Coupled with Spier wine, the meal is made tastier with so

Suntoy welcomes Jean Phillippe Daulaud and Nick Wiehe from Mauritius to our family of international distributors.

Jean Phillippe Daulaud, a French national, has lived in Mauritius for quite a few years and upon spending his honeymoon in Cape Town in he stumbled across a 

One million Consol Solar Jars and counting!

1 Million Consol Solar Jars and Counting!

Glass Artistry with Consol Solar Jar

Glass Artistry with Consol Solar Jar

Branded Consol Solar Jars

Imprinting your corporate logo on our Consol Solar Jar creates a branded gift that’s both functional and eco-frien

Christmas in Berlin with Consol Solar Jar

Christmas in Berlin with Consol Solar Jar

How can you use the Consol Solar Jar? Here's how!

A simple idea is spreading light worldwide. By day, it stores solar energy. At night, it shines solar light. The Consol Solar Jar is more than just an innovative and eco-friendly light source. It’s a theatre in a jar and a gift worth giving!

Metrogaine Orienteering winners receive Consol Solar Jars

Jozi's streets became the playground for an eve of orienteering with 

AfriOcean Worriors and Consol Solar Jars on Earth Hour

Suntoy is always excited to discover where our Consol Solar Jars journey after our team in Selby assembles them. Being the manufacturer, it’s interesting to find out who uses them and how they make every hour a solar-power-hour.

JoburgToday Interview about alternative light source during load shedding with Consol Solar Jars

visited Suntoy to discover how the Consol Solar Jar is made by us Joburgers. Both began working at Suntoy as assem

eNCA Interview at the Cosnol Solar Jar factory

eNCA visited Suntoy with the intention of showcasing  Load-shedding is leaving us all in the dark and the Consol Solar Jar offers a viable off-grid alternative.

Making a Difference (MAD) with Consol Solar Jar

Making a Difference (MAD) with Consol Solar Jar

Solar at Sea with Consol Solar Jar

Solar at Sea with Consol Solar Jar

Spooky Solar Scenes with the Consol Solar Jar at Halloween

Creepiness prevailed while creating spooky scenes inside Consol Solar Jars for Halloween. Skeletal bones, wicked witches with broomsticks, spider webs and rats nibbling on pumpkins equaled quirky plus SCARY in capital letters!

Retail Store Lighting with Consol Solar Jars

Dynamic retail in-store lighting solutions attract customers and showcase merchandise.Consol Xprs in

The Botswana Way

Khutse Game Reserve adjoins the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the north of Botswana. With rolling grasslands, riverbeds, dunes and pans where wildlife congregate in abundant sunshine, it is the ideal spot for a solar powered holiday.