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a circular piece of art made out of colorful tiles
“Around the Town” - as I call it - mosaic!
a wooden board with different types of leaves and shapes on it, including the letter s
Tipos de corte de mosaicos
a woman sitting on the ground with an umbrella in her hand and flowers around her
Ive Freya
Ive Freya
a cow made out of small tiles on a wooden surface
a painting of a tree on a stone wall
Art et pierres
two birds sitting on the ground next to a faucet with water coming out of it
Gallery - Sarah Pryke
All wall art comes fully framed, using either recycled wood or handmade wrought iron frames, to complement the subject and create statement artworks that can be immediately hung on the wall. Artwork can be shipped both nationally and internationally. Please contact me for me prices and/or commissions. “Punk Rocker” (65 x 95 cm)…
a miniature house made out of clay and flowers
Make a mosaic using a picture from a town in an area we visited. Ie. Italy or Ireland or Greece.
a blue bird sitting on top of a counter next to a cup and saucer
Access Denied | New Ravenna
Chinoiserie is a hand cut jewel glass mosaic shown in Marcasite, Pewter, Mica with Quartz sea glass.
two birds are sitting on a mosaic tile wall
Birds on a wire
two blue birds sitting on top of a tree branch in front of a mosaic wall
a mosaic portrait of a woman with flowers on her head and hands to her face
Belleza coneguida
there is a mosaic on the wall in this bathroom window that looks like it's made out of rocks and pebbles
shell mosaic ocean scenes
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a black and white zebra's face is shown in this mosaic tile art piece
Creatures Den
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