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the use of dotted lines in this design is interesting but distracts from the focus points of the stars.

Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven

angel Hierarchy of Angels: The Nine Choirs of Heaven - failmacaw. The tiered heavens that we do not know about, as there is no such thing as angels. Welcome to night Vale.

An overview of the Greek gods of myth, the main players, from Apollo to Zeus, what they do, and how they all fit together. infografía

Classical Conversations Cycle 1 Week What was the role of gods in Greek and Roman society? The Greek and Roman culture were polytheists, which means they believed in many gods. The Rom

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The history of Hogwarts-Andromeda, Regulus and Sirius should be enlisted, they are obviously more qualified than Crabb or Goyle or Pansy Parkinson

In this visualization, the most influential gods and goddesses are illustrated in great detail. The chart displays Mt. Olympus which is one of the most important places in classic mythology. The impact that the gender roles have in mythology are discussed. According to this depiction, some of the beliefs and practices in many modern day religions derived from classic mythology.


The Greek and Roman Gods Infographic ---- "Hephaestus' relationship isn't successful" I'd consider that an understatement

Another very handy diagram for music teachers!

Very handy diagram for music teachers & parents who want their children to play musical instruments or sing!

The Nine Circles of Hell

valkyriesvagina: spookyemporium: Dante’s Inferno map by somnium-maris The Nine Circles of Hell planes underworld…

The Norse God Family Tree

The Norse God Family Tree describes the many Gods in Norse mythology and where they rank amongst each other. Some of these will be described in detail and their importance amongst the Norse God Family Tree.

The Greek God Family Tree

The almost complete Greek god family tree

Nifty mythology-based infographics present the family trees of the Egyptian, Greek, and Norse gods and goddesses.

Genealogy of the peoples of Middle Earth by enanoakd on deviantART

Genealogy of the peoples of Middle Earth by enanoakd on deviantART. The Hobit / Lord of the Rings - J.