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Your happiest moments in life revolve around Nutella. | 15 Signs You’re Addicted ToNutella

Me: "Mom! We ran out of Nutella! When are you going to the store?" Mom: "I'm going to SAMs tomorrow." Me: " Make sure you get Nutella. In bulk.

all the time

35 things I will tell my kids about and then feel old. playing on the computer ment playing on paint bc that's all there was and mom was on the phone so the internet didnt work. Oh the good ol days

Anti-pick up lines // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Funny pictures about The Best Anti-pick Up Lines. Oh, and cool pics about The Best Anti-pick Up Lines. Also, The Best Anti-pick Up Lines photos.


When you turn your light off and try to find your bed. Portrait of a young man with sunglasses and pose, seeking a bed in the dark :)

lol so True - or running it through the laundry!

they should make an award for anyone who uses an entire tube of chapstick without losing it. I already lost, Chapstick went missing at -__-

Haha yup

Funny pictures about How my friends walk. Oh, and cool pics about How my friends walk. Also, How my friends walk.

Seriously... Why not?

Funny pictures about Seriously. why not? Oh, and cool pics about Seriously. why not? Also, Seriously. why not?


You know, the thing I hate most about these relatable 'when you are younger' pins, is the fact that i have to admit i still do them, and probably always will. <---- YES I DO THIS STILL ALL THE TIME

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When You're At Movies And Someone Has To Walk In Front Of You In The Aisle funny lol funny quotes hilarious humor funny pictures funny images

haha yes.

How I see without glasses vs. how my friends think I see without my glasses. Sorry, friends with glasses