Porter oxtail potjie with braaied spuds

Porter oxtail potjie with braaied spuds - Yuppiechef Magazine


How to make hasselback potatoes

Serves as a side dish or as a main with Parmesan, roasted tomatoes and crispy bacon, learning how to make hasselback potatoes will change your life.


How to make aubergine shakshuka with chorizo and chickpeas

Ever made shakshuka? Traditionally a North African/Israeli breakfast dish, this budget-friendly meal is gaining popularity fast.


Our easy recipe for roasted vine tomato and pesto hummus

You can't have enough healthy dip recipes. This recipe for roasted vine tomatoe and pesto hummus is easy to make - easier in the Nutribullet.


A perfect slow-cooked lamb knuckle curry


Roasted bone marrow Caprese burgers

For this hunka hunka burning love, we’ve gone with ostrich, beef and marrow for the patties and the classic Caprese salad on top of the burger.

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This easy weeknight recipe has been created with the busy mum in mind. 45 minutes is all you need to make a delicious lemongrass chicken bake for the family


How to make classic eclairs with crème patisserie & ganache

These fluffy pastry, custard filling and glossy chocolate classic eclairs are almost too beautiful to eat.