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a white card with red polka dots and two hearts on it, which reads xoxo hugs kisses
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Washi Tape card for Valentine's Day
several images of different papers on a table
tabitha emma
Just lovely.
a white card with the words congratulationss written in green and yellow on it, sitting on a table
washi tape card
a white card with a green triangle on it sitting on a window sill in front of a window
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Tutorial: Washi Tape Christmas Cards « concretemoomin
there are many different colored ribbons with congratulations written on them
Love the idea of using washi tape for inside the card
a christmas tree made out of strips of colored paper on top of a white card
Christmas card...washi tape...from China, so I'm not sure what the caption meant...just had a fun Google translation...
a card with the words you're my friend on it, and two hearts
Washi Tape Die Cut Card via Kwerner Design
christmas cards are hanging on the wall next to each other, and there is a small tree made out of paper
Japanese Craft Books = A Happy Birthday
Cards made with washi tape
the process to make an envelope with paper and scissors
NameBright - Coming Soon
Beautiful Revelry - blog - Wordless Wednesday: Washi Tape Gift Card
a thank you card sitting on top of books with polka dots and stripes in the background
Tutorial: Washi Tape Thank You Cards. - thesoutherninstitute.com
Final washi tape thank you card
four different cards with words and buntings on them, each one has a name tag
Washi Tape Adventures
three business cards sitting on top of each other next to an orange and white cup
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Melissa of IS-LY biz cards {Stratton Bristol 4-ply paper cut to size and hand stamped on both sides with an IS-LY sticker tapped to the back with washi tape}
a card that has some type of ribbon on it with the words make me wish
Kimberly’s Outside of the Box | CardMaker Blog
Original Washi Tape Card
three hot air balloons on a card with the words, the sky is the limit
washi tape card