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three ceramic snowmen standing next to each other in front of a white window sill
there is a small toy house in the grass
Keramikturm : "Lass uns Freunde sein"
Handgefertigt in Österreich
an old camera with the word canon on it's side and a cupcake in front
Splitcoaststampers : Card Making, Rubber Stamping & Paper Crafting
Demystifying Kiln Myths: The Truth About Holes and Explosions in Ceramics by @juneandgem"
@juneandgem debunking kiln myths: No need for holes in fully closed ceramic forms to prevent explosions! Their theory challenges conventional teachings, suggesting it's more about risk avoidance in community kilns. Explaining that explosions result from moisture and trapped steam, they assert a hole isn't necessary if the piece is 100% dry. Tested and proven, they emphasize that a dry piece won't explode. Humorously mentioning "butthole" poking for fun, they add a touch of amusement to the ceramic-making process. Now onto making cats and encouraging others to explore diverse animal creations using this technique. Tag @juneandgem if you share your own inspired creations!
a small doll house made out of clay
a ceramic figurine of a living room with furniture
an octopus planter with grass in it's mouth and eyes sitting on a table
Cohasset Gifts and Garden — Lifestyle Pictures
Cohasset Gifts and Garden — Lifestyle Pictures
an octopus shaped bowl with two eyes on it
Задушевное Хобби on Instagram: “Всем привет! А у нас готова еще одна оригинальная #клубочница - осьминожка. Такой нет ни у кого, она - эксклюзив! Полностью #ручнаяработа,…”
a yellow crayon with a bow tie holding a pencil
a hand holding a miniature chair in it's palm
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there are many plates that have animals on them
two decorated christmas ornaments hanging from hooks on a table with a flower and bird ornament