by Jacinthe Brault "I had the chance to walk through the butterfly exhibition in the Montreal Botanical Garden, Québec, Canada. Here [is one of] my favorite shots.

stone flow

Gray stones / pebbles / texture great for flooring ideas or feature wall / interior design

Folded clay, Jeannine Marchand

MATIÈRE / Jeannine Marchand - Folded Clay white white white , blanco, weiss, hvit, (k


someday I'll have a cacti/succulent garden with crushed granite and a sexy water/fire feature

clear and sparkling turquoise ocean

Clear, jewel like water, green and yellow from the sand underneath, with a crystal clear droplet filled wave.


Eucalyptus These chipped and broken wood panels has been left to erode and break away, yet they have been brought back to life with the vibrant paint colour which create a very eye pleasing contrast against each other.

Aerial Photography of Iceland by Sandro Santioli

LOOK: Iceland Shines In Marvelous Aerial Photos

blues & greens-natural: Aerial Photography of Iceland by Sandro Santioli


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