Jozi / Stomach in chest out!!!
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Love is in the air and Sheldon Cooper sprays air covers his mouth this is hilarious Big Bang Theory TV Show July 2013


It's not that diabetes, heart disease, and obesity run in your family. It's that no one runs in your family.

The "we will get along shirt". Love it! Look at the little girl's face, she totally loves it lol

The "we will get along shirt. The little girl's face is so funny! Great idea to try with fighting siblings! I might need this when the girls get older

your ecard

This seriously made me laugh out loud! Sadly, it applies to many people I know. So gotta use this!


Silly pictures – Let’s kick-start this new week with a collection of funny pictures shall we? Putting the glorious weekend behind us and sharply being.


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The Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Portugal

Forgotten Temple of Lysistrata, Greece. This really is not a forgotten temple in Lysistrata, Greece. This is a photoshopped image of the Pantheon in Rome and a beach somewhere on Earth. but it`s so beautiful