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Eight Glass Jars by Gary Cody watercolor

LOVE this, but painting all those reflections and transparencies in 100 shades of off-white and glass green would drive me nuts. (Eight Glass Jars by Gary Cody)

One day I will have this bathtub.  If I ever get to buy and remodel an old farm house to sell. this would be the bathroom .

Dramatically dark The white claw-foot tub and curtains provide a stark contrast to the dark tile floors and countertops and dark log walls in this beautiful bathroom. An open window lets fresh air in while you enjoy a soak in the big, comfy tub.

Sayaka Ganz - Emergence (2011) - installation art from discarded plastic

Artist Sayaka Ganz creates beautiful animal sculptures from discarded plastic objects she finds in thrift stores. To fuel her art, Ganz collects plastic objects constantly, storing the objects in

Adding color with painted furniture | Inspirational Unique Designs.

Multi coloured crazy painted chair with pink, black, green, red, blue painted chair. Great for kids room. Also a great DIY for the kids to do - they can paint thier own chair.