wave to earth

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three young men in suits and ties standing next to each other with the words home sick written on them
home sick (´-`)
a blue sports car is on the back of a white bag that says, happy birthday
wave to earth
a computer screen with the words wave to earth on it and people walking in different directions
wave to earth <3
two people walking down a street with the words daisy on it's back ground
three polaroids with pictures of people on them
w2e pcs *+:. 🍈
three men in suits posing for a photo with the caption'tio's don't work them
w2e whisper
four people posing for a photo with an electric guitar in front of the ocean and sky
wave to earth
three young men sitting on the grass with their arms around each other and text that reads, i fw wave to earth
( ̄^ ̄)
a woman holding up a sign that says earth wave and an image of the ocean
John Cha
three people standing next to each other holding coffee cups and looking up at the camera
wave to earth
daniel kim, john cha, dongkyu shin