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Moroccan home

Swimming Pool: Liza Bruce's Moroccan Home Papyrus plants and rose geraniums surround a natural pool. Read more: Liza Bruce Decorates an Eclectic Home in Morocco - ELLE DECOR

A good memories. Root beer floats in the frosty mugs. yummy!

Root Beer floats in frosty mugs! Buy some good quality Vanilla ice cream,(I like french vanilla) and some A&W root beer and be sure to put mugs or glasses prior in the freezer.Delicious on a hot day.

Diner logo + branding

C-again look at the DINER header for inspiration also we love the textured corrugated metal- work that in!


Diner or Malt Shoppe, but they always had juke boxes on the wall at each booth, and a large juke box in the corner at the back sometimes. It was "neat" (not "cool"). Ideas for my restaurant dining room


The Moon Lake Diner is like a second home, I've been coming here way to often.