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Irish Lullaby...love, love, love this lullaby...sang it to my son all the time when he was young!

Irish Lullaby for Baby Over In Killarney, Many years ago, My Mother sang a song to me In tones so sweet and low; Just a simple little ditty, In her good old Irish way, And I'd give the world to hear her sing That song of hers today.

Paint along with Colley Whisson in your studio. His downloadable videos will help you with value shifts, color temperatures, capturing light, and looser brushstrokes. Colley Whisson packs in tips and techniques designed to expand your overall knowledge and understanding of  "Modern Impressionism."

Oil painting videos from Colley Whisson, a internationally acclaimed artist and workshop teacher.

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In this article of my Beginner’s Guide to Oil Painting Series, you’ll learn how to prepare the canvas, choose a subject and transfer a sketch from a sketch pad onto your canvas.