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Bargello quilt patterns are some of the most stunning and intricate free quilting patterns you will find. Created by using strips of fabric, often jelly rolls, to make a design that is both colorful and eye-catching, bargello quilt patterns are surpr

If you are a master baker or an expert fryer, you probably own a lot of pots and pans that you truly treasure. No-stick pans are a wonder when cooking, and they need to be protected. Learn how to quilt up a protective liner for these must-have kitche

Michelle's Romantic Tangle: Laura {a baby quilt tutorial}-a square quilt, -Ready to make another quick, two color baby quilt? Pull out your favorite color and find a dozen 2 width of fabric strips. That and some background fabric is all you'll need!

Celebrate the lovely spring weather by learning how to do Free Motion Quilting on a Vintage Tea Towel. If you are just getting familiar with your free motion quilting foot, this is a great tutorial on how to machine pretty fabrics!