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AIP Coffee Alternatives (Skipping coffee is not as bad as it seems)
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Powerhouse Pink Latte - 4 Ways
Ever had a pink latte? This (let's face it) adorable superfood beverage is packed full of energy, immune, and strength boosters, thanks to beets! The pink latte is perfectly sweet and light on the earthy beet taste. With options for fresh beets, refrigerated or canned beets, beet juice or beet shots, or beet powder, they're super easy, too. #pink #wellness #beets #immunity #energy
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Vegan and Caffeine-Free Blue Spirulina Latte
In addition to these key benefits, this Iced Blue Spirulina Latte is vegan, refined sugar-free, and totally nutritious.If you haven’t already caught our gist on Instagram (follow us @copinaco if you haven’t already!) we’re basically obsessed with iced lattes. If you’re reading this then odds are you are too. Iced lattes are delicious, simple, and an easy health boost with the incredible health benefits of superfoods* and this Caffeine-Free Iced Blue Spirulina Latte is no different.
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Six Healthy Superfood Smoothies
the breakfast smoothie chart is full of fruits, vegetables and other things to eat
HEALTHY BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE RECIPES | Smoothie recipes healthy breakfast, Easy breakfast smoothies, Easy breakfast smoothies recipes
Resep Oatmeal, Smoothie Cleanse Recipes, 3 Day Detox Cleanse
3-Day Detox Cleanse Health For Tips
Outrageous Orange Smoothie