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South Africa: Why the Battle of Blood River? Rewind… – Alternative DNA

We so often hear about Blood river where the Voortrekkers defeated 10 000 Zulus. The Voortrekker monument is a testimony to their sacrifices. But what you don't hear is why there was a battle against the Zulus? What happened before Blood river? Blood river was a revenge attack by the Voortrekkers on incidents that happened a few months prior. This is that story. The Boers climbed Execution Hill (Hlomo Amabutu) in the hot, subtropical, Natal sun; the stench of rotting flesh filled their…

The people most likely to be displaced and enslaved by the Trekboer were the Khoikhoi, a pastoral people living in what is today South Africa. Derisively nicknamed the Hottentots. South African Tribes, African States, African Countries, History Online, World History, What Is Today, Historical Images, British Colonial, African History

The Arrival of the Khoisan | South African History Online

Who the Khoikhoi were, what was their lifestyle like and why did their arrival bring great changes?

“Kaffir Wars,” broke out between 1781 and (Although the term “kaffir” has… South Africa Facts, Agriculture Business, White Settlers, Xhosa, History Classroom, Conflict Resolution, British Colonial, African History, Historian

The History of South Africa

From the earliest of humankind to the present day, the history of South Africa is interesting and different - land issues, gold ..

Kaffir Drawing - The Kaffir War Fingoe Cavalry by English School British Colonial, South Africa, Cape, Heaven, English, Wall Art, School, Drawings, Illustration

The Kaffir War Fingoe Cavalry by English School

The Kaffir War Fingoe Cavalry Drawing by English School

Attack on the Highlanders, Kroomie Forest, Cape Frontier War, 8 September 1851 Fort Beaufort, Xhosa, Highlanders, Lest We Forget, Red Army, Conflict Resolution, British Colonial, Online Collections, Military History

Attack on the 74th Highlanders, Kroomie Forest, 8th Cape Frontier War, 8 September 1851 | Online Collection

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Campaigning in Kaffirland, by W. King William, British Colonial, Cattle, Will Smith, This Is Us, War, Horses, Projects, Gado Gado

The Project Gutenberg eBook of Campaigning in Kaffirland, by W. R. King.