South Africa

A woman from the Ndebele tribe in South Africa carries a traditional beer container. She wears a big necklace and geometric light blue, standing in geometric architecture.

South Africa

Lion's Head and cable car to Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa. You absolutely need to do this when in Cape Town. You can walk on top of Table Mountain for hours.

South African Money (old)

South African Money Worksheets

Occasion: This woman is wearing a traditional South African wedding dress. The well-known white dress is worn but is also detailed with African jewelry. The unique accents such as the head wrap and neck collar symbolize tradition and African culture

"Eish!" South African slang for "Oh no!"

" is South African slang for "Oh no!" or "Oy vey!" This is a pdf card you could print or email to friends.

old South African coins

South African coins from back in the day.the coins of my childhood. You could buy Chappies Bubblegum with the half-penny piece

South African T Shirt

Random Questions about South Africa from Foreigners - SAPeople - Your Worldwide South African Community

That's truly South African

A truly South African sentiment - for those who can't read Afrikaans, it says "Stay calm, we're going to braai now".

South African Potjie! Best food on Earth

WINNING Potjie Recipe (and yes you may try this at home) Traditional Lamb and Potato Potjie, South Africa ~ Recipe

South African Beer

SABMiller is one of the largest international brewing companies, second only to Anheuser-Busch, and Castle Lager is their flagship beer. Think the Budweiser of South Africa. Perfect for before a rugby match.