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Leaching Your New Hypertufa Pot - The Hypertufa Gardener

Leaching Your New Hypertufa Pot: For small pots, soak with a mild vinegar & water solution for days. For larger pieces, times a day mist with water that has a little vinegar added then hose off for 5 days.

Stone water trough

instructions for making your own hypertufa trough planter (or fountain, in this case). Been wanting to try this for years. "Hypertufa" is basically cement, moss, and sand or perlite molded in something. Looks great faux-aged with yogurt!

How to Make Hypertufa - DIY Rustic Garden Art

How to Make Hypertufa; join in the fun and learn how to make this unique garden craft; use these instructions to make troughs, pinch pots and many more great hypertufa projects

Next time you’re at the thrift store, grab a cheap cake pan and copy this woman’s genius idea!

Repurpose a cake pan by creating a DIY mosaic concrete stepping stone.with a secret pill bottle key hider underneath.