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Why!? Why would she do this to herself!? These are Juliane Moore's feet.  Ouch.

Why Julianne Moore Will Never Have Ugly Red Carpet Feet Again

BEWARE I RIDE HORSES. @Ashley Walters Walters Walters Wingert I feel like I need to get/make this for you.

I ride horses Rustic sign

I DON'T CARE - I LOVE IT ~ Icona Pop  I love this lyric...but I am from the 70's

chick "I love it"-Icona Pop lyrics

Lyrics to "I'm Just Your Problem" by Marceline

Lyrics to "I'm Just Your Problem" by Marceline

...and doesn't even look her in the eyes daddy there where tears there, if you saw them would you even care. Ook thats sad that I know this

And doesn't look her in the eye, daddy there were tears there. If you saw them would you even care?

#all warmed up inside

Image: First Fire Princess Drawing by OstrichCop on DeviantArt

Marshall Lee's song. this will eventually be on  a new adventure time board!!!

Marshall Lee (Bad little Boy)

Yeah his name is ashton, ashton irwin ya might no him, oh and calum hood, luke hemmings and michael clifford, ya might know them too lol

The Walking Disney Dead... Remember ladies!! When in a Zombie Apocalypse. Always wear LESS clothing to zombie have more of a chance to bite you! /(^w^)\

The Walking Dead Disney Edition.two of my favorite things together ♥ <<< I'm not a walking dead fan, but it's so cute<<I love how Merida and Mulan are being badass on their own and elsa&ana are a sister team

OMG there are no words. Simply adorable!

A pug wearing pug slippers. Lulu would love these slippers in black, of course!