Stephan Kotze

Stephan Kotze

Dit was leke ma dis nu verdy
Stephan Kotze
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Look at this Lexus LFA - click on the pic and sign up to carhoots to win $250 this week! :)

Now that is one "red" hawwt supercar! For your chance to win an amazing supercar driving experience .

Fast cars with pretty women in them.... kinda funny~

Sexy Girl + Bad Ass Car Jenni taking a ride in an Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Superleggera.

Ok, we have trikes here not cars but its a seriously cool video

EPIC Downhill Trike Drifting If you thought that car drifting took a rather large chunk of bravery, then it's safe to say that this trike drifting display

Mini  backflip!! crazy!

Talk about 'Amazing Videos'! Check out: "We’ve Landed: Daredevil Chicherit’s Full MINI Backflip"

BAC Mono

RS Academy's BAC Mono takes to the streets of London at Motorexpo