Stephane Ellis

Stephane Ellis

Stephane Ellis
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DIY Pretty Braided Ribbon Keychain | Follow Us on Facebook -->

Hunting for my keys is my least favorite thing to do. It seems that they can never be found whenever I need them, or are at the bottom of the bag, purse or hiding in a pocket and hard to locate. This easy braided ribbon key chain is exactly what …

How to DIY Wine Bottle Planters - Great Tip to Cut Perfect Wine Bottle (Video) | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

Love this self watering plant idea. Taking an old bottle and make it into a little self watering plant or even just take the bottom and make a glass!

Creative Ideas - DIY Beautiful Small Beaded Flowers | Follow Us on Facebook -->

diycomfyhome: “ DIY Small Beaded Flowers I find handmade flowers to an extremely unique way to decorate your home. It doesn’t require a huge amount of effort and it gives your home flowers that do not go bad. This DIY Small Beaded Flowers tutorial is.

How to DIY Hanging Succulent for your Garden | LIKE Us on Facebook ==>

DIY Hanging Succulent Ball Projects for a gorgeous addition to your garden. You can change to succulent heart, handbag with this technique.